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Nyack Farmer’s Market OPENING May 14

We’re pleased to announce that the Nyack Farmers Market will re-open on a modified basis starting this Thursday, May 14 from 8am until 2pm. This Market day is a first step toward a full re-opening sometime in the future.

The realities of COVID-19 require that we all observe new guidelines to protect individual and public health. So it’s very important that all Market participants adhere to protocols we’ve developed to ensure the safety of our shoppers, vendors and Chamber of Commerce staff and volunteers.

We ask that you read and observe all of these protocols. The Market Manager will:

  • Require that shoppers and vendors wear masks at all times
  • Require that vendors wear gloves, as well as masks
  • Preclude shoppers from handling merchandise
  • Limit the number of people in the Market at any given time
  • Remind the public that until the threat of spread is over, the market will be for shopping only. Socializing is strongly discouraged. We miss our friends, but we love them too, which requires that all socializing be done from a distance, and not at the market.
  • Regulate how food and money are handled
  • Regulate how people enter, move through, and exit the Market
  • Strongly encourage pre-orders, pre-paid, for pick-up

You’ll see below the list of vendors who will be present physically or virtually at the May 14 Market. We’ve provided their contact information. We’ve divided the vendors into three groups. Those who will:
Have a physical presence at the Market and can handle pre-paid orders for pick-up at the Market on Market day
Have a physical presence at the Market and will take orders/process orders on site
Handle orders remotely as in previous weeks, but will not have a physical presence at the Market on May 14
Please see the full list of guidelines that shoppers and vendors must adhere to below.

We strongly recommend that shoppers place pre-paid orders for pick-up as they can. All shoppers should be prepared to line-up (with social distance) to enter the Market.

Parking fees at muni-meters are currently suspended throughout the village.

We’re pleased that Nyack Mask Makers will have free masks on hand for those who need one.

The Village of Nyack is distributing free masks via drive-thru (no walk-ups, please) at the Village Marina on Wednesday, May 13 to Nyack residents only. One mask per person will be distributed to seniors and immune-compromised residents first, from 10am to 12pm; then all residents are welcome from 12pm to 2pm, or while supplies last. Residents of the Village of Upper Nyack may email to request two free masks per household for contactless pickup at Upper Nyack Village Hall, and residents of the Village of South Nyack and Grandview may contact South Nyack Village Hall at 845-358-0287 about picking up free masks for seniors.

Some of our amazing village merchants–such as Maria Luisa Boutique, Runway on Hudson, and Saffron Trading Company–have beautiful handmade masks for both children and adults available for purchase with curbside pickup. All of these merchants above are donating a portion of mask sales to local nonprofits, so your purchase will support both a small, local business and frontline helpers like The Nyack Center, Rockland Pride Center, Center for Safety and Change, and People to People.

As with so many of the activities we once took for granted, the Market hiatus has been difficult in real terms for our shoppers, vendors, and staff. We look forward to returning to the quality of life we once enjoyed, but assure you that our efforts to re-open have included extensive research into best practices currently in place at other regional markets, as well as data on the status of the virus in Rockland county.

Our May 14 opening is a dry run. We acknowledge that plans rarely survive contact with reality, so we ask for tolerance and patience. Thank you for your cooperation and continuing support for the Market.


Roger S. Cohen
President, Nyack Chamber of Commerce

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And the winners are….

Maria Rockwood & Jane Moreno

Guidelines for Shoppers and Vendors

As we re-open the Farmers Market, we ask that all vendors and shoppers read and observe all of the following guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • Only shop at the Market if you’re feeling well. If you’re sick, please stay home to ensure your well-being and the well-being of others.
  • Healthy shoppers should consider shopping for elderly neighbors, friends or relatives.
  • Please keep your Market trip as abbreviated as possible. We suggest making a list of items before you leave your home to make your visit to the Market more time efficient.
  • The Nyack Farmers’ Market encourages pre-orders with vendors and pre-paying as much as possible to cut down time spent at the Market.
  • The Nyack Farmers’ Market encourages the use of digital/credit card payment instead of cash.
  • We ask for your patience when arriving and entering the Market as we will need to monitor the number of customers in the Market.
  • You must practice social distancing and keep at least six feet apart from other shoppers and vendors at all times.
  • You must wear a face covering while at the Market. This can be a cloth mask, bandanna, scarf, etc.
  • Please refrain from congregating and/or stopping to eat while in the Market.
  • No onsite food consumption will be allowed.
  • No customers will be allowed in the vendors’ booth areas. (Customers will have no access to product until it has been purchased and handed to you by the vendors).
  • Be sure to wash all produce purchased at the Market, especially if you plan to consume the products raw.


  • Any vendor that feels sick, has a temperature above 99 degrees or has the subjective feeling of a fever, must not attend the Market. No penalties for non
  • participation will be enforced for vendors who do not participate due to health issues.
  • Vendors will be encouraged to provide two staff members per booth (one for product handling, one for cashier/payment).
  • No sampling will be allowed.
  • Vendors must use deli-style tables which will be placed in front of products. This will ensure that no customers will have access to products until products have been purchased and handed to them. Booths must be set up such that customers cannot walk in.
  • All vendors will be required to keep their areas COVID compliant (i.e. frequently cleaning booth areas with disinfectant).
  • The wearing of masks and gloves is mandatory for all vendors – both product handlers and cashiers.
  • All vendors are encouraged to offer prepaid pre-orders, and to accept credit card payments onsite to minimize handling of cash.
  • Vendors are requested to play a role in helping to encourage customers to stand six feet apart if a customer line forms.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Nyack Farmers Market Manager, Pam Moskowitz, at or 845-494-3408.
Nyack Farmers Market Vendors for May 14
Pre-Orders and On-site Shopping

Doc Pickle will be providing pre-order delivery at the May 14 Market — or via FedEx or drop off, as necessary. Order online at and use coupon code “5off” to save $5.00. You can also order by email at or by calling 973-826-3035. And you can shop pickles on site.

Edgwick Farm is taking online orders at If you can’t pick up at the Nyack Market, you can pick up curbside at the farm by appointment. They’re just 30 miles away from Nyack, on the same side of the river. Click here to view just one of their wonderful baby goat videos, and be sure to follow their Facebook page for more Baby Goat Story Times, updates, and more!

Hummingbird Ranch is offering orders for Market pick-up, mail orders, and other delivery options. Please visit for details.

Kiernan Farm and Campanelli Poultry Farm are taking orders of fresh eggs, beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. They take pre-orders and sell on site. Please contact them for pre-orders directly at or 845-255-5995 for details.

Orchards of Concklin will be available live at the Market, or you can have them do your picking and packing for you for curbside pickup daily from 11am-4pm at their Pomona store. Call 845-354-0369 to place an order for Market or curbside pickup.

P & S Seafood will be delivering orders at the Market. To pre-order, please call or text Steve at 631-946-2447 by next Wednesday. Steve will can also discuss direct deliveries as required, and will take orders at the Market.
Onsite Shopping (No Pre-order)

Bluefield Farms returns to the market with beautiful cut flowers to adorn your spring table.

Dan Madura Jr. Farm offers mushrooms, greens, root vegetables, and more to Market shoppers.

Meredith Country Bakery will be at the market with racks full of breads, pies, cookies, and more, with both traditional and gluten-free options.

Warwick Valley Winery invites you to check out the offerings from their local orchard and distillery where they craft wine, cider, and liquor from locally-sourced ingredients.

Open Online and Returning Onsite Soon

Bien Cuit Bakery, purveyors of world class “Farmers Market” bread is taking orders for delivery at No dough more sour!

Cooperstown Cheese has various gourmet cheeses including our famous Swaetzakase Gouda that can be grated like a Parmesan and is full of flavor. We also have a creamy blue cheese, which is similar to Stilton; and our ever popular Alice, which is delightfully creamy. $22/lb. For details on logistics, call Anne Marie at 845-641-2768.

Jael’s Natural is accepting online orders for their handmade soap products. Visit for details.

Larchmont Charcuterie is taking orders online. Visit for details.

La Talaye is offering healthy pre-portioned meals for 5 days, or feel-good alkaline trays that feed a family of 4. Contact Chef Michelle at 845-304-2998 or or visit for details.

Mangalista of New York is accepting online orders with Thursday delivery to the Nyack area. Please visit their new website or email Robert for details.

Olde York Farm Distillery is providing delivery throughout New York State, and free delivery within 10 miles of Nyack. Please visit and await email confirmation with final steps.

Taiim Shack Mobile will be taking orders on our newly launched website. Go to and place your order in the Catering section. Your hummus will be made fresh and delivered to your home on the usual market day, unless otherwise discussed.

Teagevity is taking mail orders for all teas at or call 917-627-8199.